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The Art Troupe of Chongqing Nankai Secondary School is a group with a glorious history and outstanding achievements. It not only brings students happiness by giving them the opportunity to participate in artistic activities, but also helps to improve their artistic accomplishments.
Currently, the Art Troupe is composed of a Dance Team, a Choir, a Folk Music Team, a Wind Band, a Broadcasting and Hosting Team, and a Fine Arts and Calligraphy team. Each team is supervised by professional teachers in relevant fields for daily practice and have access to fully-equipped practicing rooms. Artistic activities are held regularly each semester, allowing students to showcase their artistic talents, and to make full use of their extra-curricular time.
The Art Troupe has shown a high standard of artistic talent and have achieved greatly in the past years. Dances of the ¡°Swan¡± and ¡°Farm Impression¡± performed by the Dance Team won the first prize in the 4th and 3rd National Primary and Middle School Arts Festival respectively. ¡°Goodbye, Alma Mater¡± and ¡°Power and the Glory ¡°performed by the Choir won the third prize in the 3rd National Primary and Middle School Arts Festival. ¡°Campus Tempo¡± by the Dance Team won the second prize in the 2nd National Arts Festival.


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