Chongqing Nankai Secondary School has always attached great importance to athletics. Mr. Zhang Boling, the founder of Nankai, regarded Physical Education as a significant part of the school¡¯s mission. Since Chongqing Nankai Secondary School was authorized as an experimental school for sports backup talents in 1987, Track and Field and Women¡¯s Basketball Team became the key sports programs of Nankai. Currently, there are 12 sports team, including a Track and Field team, a Basketball Team (women & men), a Football Team (women & men), a Tennis Team, a Badminton Team, a Table Tennis Team, an Aerobics team, a Martial Arts team, a Baseball Team and a Swimming Team, all of which have achieved greatly in national and international competitions. The Track and Field team has won the championship of the World Middle School Games two times and that of the National Middle School Track and Field Games many times. The Women¡¯s Basketball Team has retained its position among the top 6 teams in the National Basketball League over the years. The Tennis Team, The Badminton Team and the Table Tennis Team have all won first prize in the City Competition.
Complete sports facilities are accessible to students for sports activities, such as the gymnasium, standard athlete fields, and tennis and table tennis courts. There are also several volleyball and badminton courts spread over the campus. Each semester, all kinds of sports activities are carried out on the campus, such as the annual Football League and Basketball League, which always attract the attention of the whole school.


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