Pro. Lu Zhongwu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering recalling his days in Chongqing Nankai Secondary School.

Well-known space expert, Pro. Jiao Weixin of School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University revealing the mystery of manned spacecraft.
Mr. Wang Shuguo, Principal of Harbin Institute of Technology talking about ˇ°University and Dreamˇ±.
Renowned American historian, Pro. David Goldfield of The University of North Carolina Charlotte delivering a speech on ˇ°Urbanization of The Unite Statesˇ±.
Pro. Lin Yanan, Dean of School of Mathematical Science, Xiamen University giving a speech of ˇ°The Charm of Mathematicsˇ±.

1.Pro. Xu Jian of Sun Yat-Sen University delivering a speech on ˇ°Cave Tomb in Sichuan and Chongqing: An introduction to Archeologyˇ±.

2.Mr. Yu Zhuoheng, Research Assistant Professor of Hong Kong University giving an introduction to Engineering from the aspect of clothing, food, shelter and transportation.