The Celebration for Chongqing Nankai Secondary School 80th Anniversary :

In October 17th, hundreds of guests and alumni from all walks of life gathered to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Chongqing Nankai Secondary School. Celebrating her glorious tradition and long history, we commemorated the school history, summarized the educational experience as well as demonstrated her academic achievements. It also aimed to inspire the teachers and students to boost innovative development of the school. It was also the starting point of Nankai Secondary School to take another step on her new journey.
The ceremony of NankaiĄ¯s 80th anniversary started at 10:00am with a documentary retrospecting the 80 years of development of Nankai and recalling the old glorious days of this school .
Tian Xiangping, the principal of Nankai Secondary School, delivered a speech at the ceremony. "In the past eight decades, we have been through ups and downs, and now we will create a better future." It expressed a sense of pride originated from the schoolĄ¯s magnificent history and also an expectation for a bright future.
In such a big day, lots of Nankai alumni returned to their Alma Mater. Some of them were retirees, while some were office workers who also made a special trip back for NankaiĄ¯s birthday; there were not only parents in middle age but also young students at school.
No matter who they are, they share the same identity today-- Nankai alumni. No matter when and where they are, they can come back home as soon as possible once their Alma Mater summons them -this is Nankai Complex.
During the celebration, both domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities sent congratulatory messages to congratulate NankaiĄ¯s 80th birthday. They were all involved in witnessing this historic moment with Nankai people.


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