The Opening of 2013 ¡°thunderstorm¡± Drama Festival :

On October 25th , applause, laughter, cheers were rising here and subsiding there in Wuqing Hall of Chongqing Nankai Secondary school. The 2014 ¡°Thunderstorm¡± Drama Festival held by School Student Union kicked off here. All seats in the entire hall were occupied and many students watched the whole play by standing for five hours. There were 27 classes in this drama festival, each of which sent a self-directed and performed, well built 8-minute repertoire. Not only theme connotation was rich but also stage effect was gorgeous¡ªsuch a rare feast for the eyes and ears for younger audience dizzy, who admitted having enough drama addition.

Some of these dramas gave tribute to the classical repertoire and discuss the humanity and times in reinterpretation of the classic works, such as ¡°Mingfeng's death¡± ¡°Butterfly Lovers¡± ¡°Farewell to My Concubine¡± ¡°The White-haired Girl¡±; or restored the familiar scene but injected new ideas, such as ¡°Seven Step Poem¡± ¡°The Legend of Zhen Huan¡± ¡°Junior Students¡±; or draw nourishment from the film ,television and animation ,such as ¡°No Language¡±¡°1937¡±¡°Gone with The Wind¡±. There were also some fairy tale dramas which succeeded for their exotic costume props ,such as ¡°Snow White¡± ¡°Alice in Wonderland¡±; more to mention were that ages plays won during the show with their deep love story set ,such as¡°Tianjin Farewell¡±, ¡°Autumn Elegy¡±.

Among them, the drama from class 15 senior¡¶field¡·gets the grand prize. It intercepts a fragment of Cao Yu classic works and gives us a vivid interpretation of the love and hate of Hua Jinzi. The little actors grasp the roles accurately and perform vividly. The passion, romanticism and boarse of drama elements unfold before the audience¡¯s eyes on a limited arena, which leads the evening to the climax. The little actress Leng Qinyi, in particular ,shows the passion and the mighty heart of Hua Jinzi and wins the best actress award for her excellent speaking ability and bold stage presence. Meanwhile, more than sixty young performers are awarded the best leading actor\actress and best supporting actor\actress.

Compared with the Drama Festival of the last two years, there is an obvious improvement in the quality of the repertoire. The Drama Festival fully demonstrates not only NanKai ¡®s historical heritage as well as the vibrant spirit of innovation as the birthplace and an advocate of the school drama but also NanKai students¡¯ deep humanities and their courageous pursuit of a better art. From the final prize selection: ¡°resplendent stage¡± ¡°colorful costume¡± ¡°lyrical art¡± ¡°Mysterious story¡± ¡°juvenile pride¡± , we can see how splendid the Theatre Festival is.


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