Former Mayor of Seattle visited Nankai :

On March 23rd, 2011, Jon Huntsman, former US Ambassador to China and his wife met with 16 Nankai students in Stilwell Museum of Chongqing. He shaked hands with them and asked their names in fluent Chinese affectionately. After knowing that they were going to Seattle for exchange in May, Mr. Hunstman asked the detail of the exchange program between Nankai Secondary School and Chief Sealth Internatinal High School and introduced students local customs and practices of Seattle. In addition, he also expressed his concern about student visas to the United States.

The meeting lasted for about 25 minutes, during which Mr. Hunstman communicated with students about a variety of topics including economics, culture, music, tramelling, personal develop and language learning. Knowing that Mr. Hunstman was an excellent rock band keyboard in High School, Huang Yuli, a big fan of rock music played a piece of American roch music for everyone. Mr. Hunstman was very impressed by his performance and recommended him a roch music mesume in Seattle.

After the meeting, Ambassador Hunstman expressed his compliments to Nankai students for their appropriate manner and demeanor. Students also expressed their excitements of meeting the ambassador in person and said that this might be a life-change experience for them. Lastly, a group photo with Ambassador Hunstman was taken to record this precious experience.


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